"Because bread alone is not enough..."

- Matthew 4:4



I was given a seed, a tiny one.​ And since I know so little about gardening, I didn't really know what to do with it. So I asked Him who gave me the seed: "What shall I do? This seed is so tiny, yet I know it is meant to become something very special..." He told me to sow it. Not in a cultivated bed, nor in a flowerpot. Not even in an open field. "Toss it to the wind!" He said, "and where it falls, it will grow and bring forth Life"

And it so happened that the seed fell in a virtual garden among a great many different plants. It germinated and was barely visible at first, but before long it became a lovely young tree baring tiny fruit. And those who ate from it told me that it sustained them and gave them Hope.

I was quite happy with my tree and would have left it at that, but then, one day, He who had given me the seed knocked again on the door of my heart and handed me a whole bag full of seeds. As I looked into His eyes, they smiled, and I knew exactly what He wanted me to do...


Welcome to my virtual garden!

 "Taste and see that the Lord is good" Psalm 43: 8

The Hebrew word in the above verse for "see" actually means "to drink deeply". So in this section, don't be surprised to find more "smoothies" and "cocktails" than anything else! The good thing with God is that you can mix your drinks!



"Freely you have received, so freely give!"

In this section you will find links to those "fertilizers" (teachings) that have helped my spiritual garden to grow to where it is today.

They are of course all organic (scripturally tested and approved)!

Send us an email. Our team of intercessors will pray over your request and send you the Word that God gives us.


Never take my word for it, take God's Word:

always measure everything against the plumbline of Scripture!

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